Funny Christmas Presents: It’s never too early to stock up on holiday gag gifts!

Without further adieu, Here are the second half of the top 50 funny Christmas presents >>>

26. Fake Poo

For anyone who has that favorite stall at work. Mark your territory with the fake poo. Luckily they’re cheap and don’t smell, so load up on em’ and if the custodian makes off with it, replace again in your favorite stall. Ironically use the power of poo to keep that stall nice and clean for your use and your use only. Keep staff talking for weeks. They’re looking at you and you’re laughing. Sure they think you’re disgusting, they’ve timed your entrance and exit – but guess who gets their own stall at work? I’d say that’s better than bossman’s parking spot eh? You’re coming up in the world. Make moves with fake poo. The no-stink alternative to the real deal.

27. Talking Toilet Paper Spindle

Get these and put them in all the guest bathrooms during the family get-together. Yes, you can record yourself either whispering creepy things or perhaps singing an off key Christmas tune much to their sh*t-grin … chagrin? Yeah that. Your recorded message sounds off at the sense of the spin. You could even record fart sounds, I mean seriously the possibilities are endless.

28. I’m Too Old For This Sh*T Hat

This would be funny on young or old folks. Age is a factor obviously considering the terminology in use. Too funny to hate this hat; great product, great gag gift. And yet, totally wearable, totally usable. Good deal. Fully Adjustable Sizing.

29. Bring Me Coffee Socks

For some reason coffee is really funny, it’s almost like going to the bathroom in some way. We all need our caffeine and we all know we need our caffeine. For some reason though, it is absolutely a giggle-fest to be reminded of that fact. And so this carries on that tradition quite creatively. Perhaps the only downfall of these socks is whoever you give them too is definitely going to want to actually wear them. And…. when they do they’re going to want to show everyone which means said person will be removing shoes quite often. Keep this in mind and consider the OZONE. 

30. Pig Butts Coolie

Seriously, come on, with the bacon thing already, really? We get it, everyone loves bacon. Or maybe we don’t. If at all you’re concerned with anyone being unconvinced of your romance over pork strips, let the Pig Butts Coolie do the talking and remind them all; that you are serious. Bacon is life. 

31. Trump Pen Holder

Whether you’re left or right, this is funny. You know I’m right; so obviously I’d never adorn a single furnishing with this abomination. The man himself, miniaturized and employed to hold a pen with his sphincter is neo-liberal fantasy. Here it is in the flesh, complete with the red power tie.

39. Talking Trump Figurine

Which Christmas would be complete without a talking and fully detailed figurine of Donald Trump. Comes complete with 17 actual Donald Trump recorded sayings. Making America Great Again never looked better and now someone in the family can sit off to the side while everyone else is opening presents obnoxiously playing the Donald Trump voice recordings. Isn’t it great ? This is what the holiday season is all about; being annoyed by family members and choosing to stay at the gathering anyway. 

40. Cards Against Humanity

Self-Proclaimed party game for horrible people. You don’t have to be horrible to play, you just have to be horrible to enjoy it. So there’s a big difference right there. This set comes complete with 50 white cards and 100 black cards, whatever that means. Supposedly this box is also America’s #1 Gerbil coffin. 

41. Prank Set

I gotta admit, this is a pretty compelling buy. I’m actually shocked right now that I never considered buying this before. Perhaps it’s because I didn’t know it existed. But now I do and you will too and the world is worse off for having provided us with this information. There’s a shock-pen, a handshake shocker, a fake stick of gum that shocks your friend. There’s a GELLING Joke item that you drop in a drink to instantly turn it into sludge. A bug to put in a drink at a bar, a fake car scratch! There’s even a ring that has a squirter built in, the classic whoopy cushion, fake poo, cockroaches, fake lottery tickets that always win, disappearing ink, and more!!

42. Rx Mug

Earl has his beer, Grandma has her Tussin’ and Snoop has the green. What does the white collar iconic cubicle-dweller have ? Well coffee of course. Coffee is white collar medicine, always has been, probably always will be.. unless of course a graduation takes place, but let’s hope innocuousness remains the prize, and the best part of waking up is something like Folgers in the cup.

43. Grenade Mug

You’ve got important complaints and we have explosive solutions. Take a number and wait patiently for 3 seconds and BOOM! no more problems. It’s really that easy. The complaint department has literally solved every problem ever by simply blowing it up. So give the one you love that kind of control this holiday season.

44. Toilet Mug

Exactly why this is funny is beyond me. I guess it’s because it is gross ? I’d be really hesitant to be drinking dark liquid out of a mini-john, if you know what I’m saying. Needless to say, people love coffee cups though and as ridiculous as this one it is, it has rave reviews and incredibly good sales. Give it a whirl why don’t-cha?

45. Fake Parking Tickets

Meter maid’s look chillingly harmless and yet they have the power to set you back a few hundred bucks with something that looks a lot like this. Why not tick someone off royally this holiday season with the fake parking ticket routine ? You know, you put it on their windshield and then you get to watch them light up like a Christmas Tree and then you get to tell them it isn’t real and that’s usually about when the fun part stops. Choose your victim wisely Obi-Won.

46. Pistol Grip Mug

Contrary to popular belief there’s nothing sobering about bringing this to work. Actually, no I take that back. Popular belief is likely correct here, you will want to make sure that your boss is both Republican and possibly in the NRA before attempting to bring this one to your desk. Things could get ugly. Be prepared.

47. Exercise Block

Everyone puts on a few pounds over the holidays. We’re all looking for a quick way to drop those pesky pounds. As many are aware, walking a single block can be a painstaking event. The brilliant engineers at “Exercise Block,” have discovered a way to shrink an entire block down to a much more manageable size. Simple place the block on the ground and walk around it a couple times. Go ahead, have a lemonade, you did your workout for the day.

48. University of Kicking Ass Award

Surprisingly this is actually a really high-quality trophy. Considering it’s completely ridiculous placard, you’d be forgiven for thinking this thing is likely a piece of junk to be presented and discarded–however that’s not the case. This thing will likely stand the test of time that any other high-quality trophy would. Impressive to say the least. And of course, too funny.

49. NapSack SleepHood GiftBox

Reminiscent of the Snuggy, now there’s NapSack Sleep Hood. Take a nap anywhere and look like you’ve been kidnapped by the mob while you do it. Use it during meetings, in worship and even while enjoying your favorite sports activities. When napping calls, there’s NapSack.

50. Bathe & Brew Gift Box

If there’s one thing I’ve always wanted in the shower, it’s a woman with coffee. Oh. Wait a minute, that’s not what this is, is it? No. This is a a Shower Coffee Maker. Right. Well that’s exciting. Ok, we can all go back to sleep now. After you get your gift of course. Get something good and share the deets in the comments below. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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