A corner TV stand like a Sauder corner TV stand is an excellent way to use space in any room.  A Sauder corner TV stand gives you the flexibility to put the TV in a corner of the room and free up valuable wall space in the rest of the room.

Sauder Corner TV Stand: August HillAnother nice feature of using a Sauder corner TV stand is how it positions the TV in your room.  By putting your flat screen TV in the corner, it makes it more visible from more locations in the room.  Also, if you don’t want your TV to be the focal point of the room, a corner media cabinet is a wonderful way to minimize its presentation.

What are some things you need to consider when choosing a corner TV stand?


A Sauder corner TV stand, like most corner TV stands, uses a technique where they cut off the corners of the TV stand on the back side so that the stand can be pushed into a corner.  Whereas with a regular flat panel TV stand you can allow the TV to extend beyond the width of stand without consequence, for a corner TV stand, the wall on either side limits the width of the TV it can accommodate.


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If you want to push the TV back on the top of the TV stand, you will find that the further you push it back, the less width you will have to work with.

So, you need to pay special attention to the published allowable TV width of any TV stand you’re considering.  In most cases, it will be close to the width measurement of the front of the corner TV console.

Sauder Corner TV Stand: August Hill Close Up ViewDepth

A corner TV stand will not be as deep as a standard TV stand because it needs to fit in a corner of the room.  Middle storage will be comparable, but storage on the ends will be compromised in depth.  If you need a lot of storage space, plan to keep the AV components in the middle area with your media accessories store in at the ends.  Media components may not fit on the end shelves of a Sauder TV stand.


Most budget TV stands come ready-to-assemble (RTA) and are constructed from composite materials with veneer finishes.  By assembling your new Sauder corner TV stand, you are saving money.  You should also keep in mind that you are going to assemble the furniture when it arrives and that assembly may be more complicated and time-consuming than you would expect.

To save on shipping, stands often are shipped in a single, very heavy box that may be too heavy for one person to move into your home.

Plan to have a helper if possible to help with assembly.  The assembly will be faster and more enjoyable.






When buying furniture, you must pay attention to brand.  Since the furniture will be assembled by you, you should choose a manufacturer that is known for RTA furniture.

Sauder, pronounced “Sow-der” like chowder, is the leading producer of RTA furniture in North America.  An authentic American original, 90% of Sauder furniture is manufactured in Archbold, Ohio just like it has been since 1934.

You can count on Sauder to deliver TV stands that are as easy as possible to assemble and assembled are some of the nicest pieces for the price.


We searched retail sites, social media, consumer sites, and customer review sites to find the most popular and best rated corner Sauder entertainment center.


Take a look at our choice and see if this beautiful TV stand is the best corner TV stand for your needs!


Sauder August Hill Corner Entertainment Stand in Oiled Oak Finish

Sauder Corner TV Stand: August Hill Main ViewThe Sauder August Hill Corner Entertainment Stand in Oiled Oak Finish has a simple, beautiful, arts and crafts design that you would be forgiven for mistaking for an antique or heirloom piece.  It features a warm, oiled Oak finish that will complement the décor of any room in your home.  Use it either as a standalone corner focal point or to blend in with any room. It’s capable of accommodating flat panel TVs weighing 95 lbs. or less with bases no larger than 39-1/4 inches wide.  This Oak TV stand has plenty of storage capability on two AV components shelves and behind two simulated drawer fronts that are actually doors.

Sauder Corner TV Stand: Features

  • Oiled oak finished Sauder corner TV stand capable of accommodating flat screen TVs up to 95 lbs. and up to 39-1/4 inches wide
  • Divide shelf below the TV shelf is perfect for hiding your audio/video equipment
  • More storage is available behind two simulated drawers that function as doors
  • 5-Year limited warranty






Customer Reviews

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  • Beautiful styling and finish
  • Excellent value
  • Solid construction and materials
  • Plenty of storage



  • Installation of cabinet doors is difficult








Sauder Corner TV Stand



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A corner TV stand allows you to better utilize the space in any room.  It also opens up the viewing so that the TV is visible from just about any angle in the room.  We sincerely hope that this article has provided you with valuable information that helps you choose the best Sauder corner TV stand for your needs!

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